The Front End is one of the most crucial traffic areas of any store. It is the one place customers are guaranteed to enter, exit and probably spend the most time interacting with your staff.

Our units are designed and refined right here in Australia where we understand the needs of the local industry and the pressures they need to withstand.

The ABACUS range of checkouts is the culmination of over 30 years experience crafting solutions and driving innovation at the front end of the supermarket. With Abacus, Lane delivers highly practical and functional units, with a modern aesthetic design.

The range includes a variety of checkouts to meet the specific needs of every individual supermarket, with the added flexibility of further customisation. The Abacus range caters to small express and convenience stores through to large superstores.

Motorised checkouts come standard with global market leading Interroll Conveyor and drive systems, Softstart Control Box, and proximity switch safety system.