Baldivis Break In Screen Shot

VIDEO: How to save your cigarettes from break-ins

Lane Equipment

Newly designed Tobacco Safe Cigarette Unit.

Every retailer knows that the supermarket's cigarette unit is a high value target for opportunistic thieves. Up until now, very few solutions have ticked the critical boxes of security, practicality and appearance. Lane has developed a cost effective, functional and highly secure system for our new range of Cigarette Units. The internal structure of the drawers is made from a ridiculously strong polymer material called Polyethylene Homopolymer and the outside is made from 16mm MDF. A steel security bar runs down through the front of the drawers, locking it in place, so even if thieves manage to pull off the MDF facia, they are no closer to getting to their target.

Put to the test.

While we were confident in the design's ability to be a major barrier to the common thief, it was only when it was put to the test that we got to witnessed its effectiveness (and have a chuckle!). This video was captured at the newly opened Baldivis IGA in Western Australia, who kindly shared their security footage with us. We hope you enjoy!

The aftermath

While inflicting some cosmetic damage to the facia of the unit, the thief wasn't able to get into any of the drawers. A great result that saved thousands of dollars.

See more product information on Lane's Tobacco Safe Cigarette Unit here.

Or, if you have questions as to how we've designed and constructed these units please don't hesitate to get in contact.