Roma Expressi

An entirely new approach to the express checkout. Developed to maximise use of precious space at the front end, the design promotes increased speed through the checkout process.

The Roma Expressi is a completely new checkout concept and the latest addition to LaneÕs checkout portfolio.

Units are loaded with features, including Interroll Conveyors, Soft Start Control boxes, proximity safety switches, bag holders, merchandising units and more, all smartly packaged into a highly efficient unit for cashier and customer alike.

As with all of our checkouts, the Roma Expressi is customisable in numerous ways, from finish and branding, through to size and configuration.

Technical Features:

  • Interroll¨ Conveyor Belt & Drive
    The world leading conveyors & drives in every Scan & Pack check-out.
  • Proximity Safety Switch
    Safeguard shoppers and staff from potential harm.
  • Softstart Control Box
    Smooth start and stop of conveyor, control of light barrier, foot-pedal, and signal light.
  • Maintenance access to conveyor
    Easily access, adjust or remove conveyor belt for cleaning / maintenance.
  • Choice of Work Surfaces
    Rigidised Stainless Steel or Vinyl.
  • Downward sloping product feed
  • Ship Edges
    Reduces grocery spillages.
  • Ergonomic Corner Bumpers
  • Aluminium Extrusion Edging
    Protects the unit from daily impact from trolleys.