Taylor Road Nedlands IGA Supermarket

Taylor Road IGA named best in the world!

Lane Awards, Fitout

The popular James Kelly owned supermarket in Nedlands has just been named International IGA Retailer of the Year.

Taylor Road Nedlands IGA SupermarketThe awards were presented during the IGA Awards of Excellence brunch on Sunday as part of the the IGA Global Rally in Las Vegas, and given to retailers who have achieved excellence in retailing and advancement of the IGA brand.

“The commitment these IGA International Retailers of the Year have made to their customers, their community, their associates and the IGA Alliance is an inspiration to us all,” said IGA CEO Mark Batenic. “We couldn’t have asked for a better group of retailers to lead the way in the coming year as IGA works to advance both our shopper experience and our brand as a whole.”

Taylor Road Nedlands IGA SupermarketThis huge accolade comes hot on the heals of the store being named National Retailer of the Year last year. As shopfitter, Lane has worked closely with the Kelly Group and their designers over recent years to deliver the finished product at Taylor Road as well as their other stores, Second Avenue and Boulevard IGA.

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